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Hope City Church: Arcadia, Oklahoma

Our goal is to guide individuals toward becoming wholehearted disciples of Christ.

This is the catalyst for our impact, propelling everything we undertake.


In September 2017, Pastor Terry and Nina Cuthbertson embarked on a remarkable journey, launching Hope City Church at Cinemark Tinseltown in Oklahoma City. Their mission was clear: to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the heart of Oklahoma. For two years, the church flourished at this location. Then, in a true divine moment, they discovered a new opportunity—a permanent location in Arcadia, Oklahoma, nestled along the iconic Route 66. Through prayer and divine guidance, they understood that God's plan was for Hope City Church to call Arcadia home. Construction began on the sanctuary, which opened its doors in December 2019. Little did they know that just three months later, the world would change. 


Today, Hope City Church is experiencing a profound outpouring of God's grace. Believers are being led into discipleship and evangelism, witnessing miracles and deliverances. The church's heartbeat is to build a city of refuge. They have been instrumental in serving the community through Amore Telehealth, a free health clinic. The core mission of Hope City Church OKC is to see believers transform into committed disciples of Christ. 

Hope City Church: Arcadia, Oklahoma


Hope City Church: Arcadia, Oklahoma



Pastor Terry is a church planter, revivalist, speaker, and teacher who walks in a healing and prophetic anointing. He has been featured on popular online broadcasts and satellite TV stations, such as Praise TV, King TV, and more. Pastor Terry is also a certified Health Coach and the founder of, a social network that helps individuals pray more effectively and creates a community of prayer warriors.



At Hope City, Pastor Tonya serves as the Co-Pastor with Pastor Terry. Pastor Tonya is gifted in supporting, encouraging, discipling, and leading others into a deeper relationship and understanding of God. Pastor Tonya is also the owner and lead pastor of HeBrews Coffee Shop, which began in 2014 as a nonprofit ministry outreach to help people focus on Jesus.

Hope City Church: Arcadia, Oklahoma
Hope City Church: Arcadia, Oklahoma



Bradley and Paige Ammerman, the dynamic duo serving as the Executive Pastors of Hope City Church, bring a unique blend of professional expertise and deep-rooted compassion to their roles. Bradley, a Real Estate Broker and the owner of Hope City Realty, embodies a ministry within the world of real estate. Paige, a Registered Behavioral Therapy Technician, extends her care and expertise to individuals with special needs, both within and outside the church community. Together, they, along with their son Harris, are fervently dedicated to being led by the Holy Spirit in every facet of their lives and ministry. 

Hope City Church: Arcadia, Oklahoma



Jerry and Tammy King, our dedicated Children's Ministry Leaders, bring a unique blend of talents and heartfelt leadership to our church. Jerry's musical and puppetry skills add a delightful and engaging element to our children's programs, creating an atmosphere of joy and learning. Tammy, with her boundless love and exceptional leadership abilities, fosters a nurturing environment where children flourish in their faith journey under her guidance. 


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The vision for Hope City Church extends beyond the present into the future. Their aspiration is to transform the town of Arcadia into a thriving, God-centered community. They aim to see every believer at Hope City Church actively participating in the great commission. Their desire is for people to not just be attendees but leaders and ministers, making a lasting impact in the world. 

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