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Hope City is embarking on a journey forward, answering the call to be a beacon of hope in a world seeking light. Our shift from orange to red symbolizes the transformative power of hope found in Jesus Christ—His blood, His sacrifice. This change signifies our commitment to spotlighting hope, both as a standalone beacon and as an integral part of Hope City. We're not just a church; we're a city on the hill. Every member is called to spread hope and influence by being kingdom entrepreneurs, leaders in their spheres, and devoted followers of Christ.

This change also echoes our dedication to being a church on mission, ablaze with purpose. Our focus remains on stewarding the divine presence that draws people in. We believe that what attracts individuals to our church is what will continue to inspire and keep them engaged. Our ultimate mission extends beyond our walls—to catalyze a global movement, planting churches that transform cities into beacons of hope worldwide.

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